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Hoyt has been building bows for almost 70 years since Hoyt Archery was founded in 1942 by Earl Hoyt Jr. Easton Archery currently owns the Hoyt name and builds Hoyt bows under the name Hoyt USA in Salt Lake City, Utah. I have owned, bought, sold, shot, and traded almost every model bow Hoyt has produced since 1993 when the Super Slam was the model of choice. In this website you will find reviews, specs, and tuning tips for many Hoyt bow models. Thanks for visiting!


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Bear Warrior III Realtree Camo Bow Set - Right HandedBear Warrior III Realtree Camo Bow Set - Right Handed

About Bear Archery Founded over 50 years ago by Fred Bear himself, Bear Bows is dedicated to the hunt. Using Fred's extensive experience as an expert marksman and craftsman, the company continues to produce innovative and celebrated equipment for archers of all types. Whether you're looking for a first bow for practice, honing your skills on targets, or out in the field, it'll go better with a Bear by your side. 25.5 inches axle-to-axle. 21- to 23-inch draw length. 24 - 29 lb. draw weight. Durable composite limbs and riser. 6-inch brace height. 70% let off. Suggested age range: 11 and up.

13 Diamond Infinite Edge Bow Pkg Black OPS RH 13-3013 Diamond Infinite Edge Bow Pkg Black OPS RH 13-30" 5-70

The Infinite Edge needs no bow press and has an infinite draw setting. Brace Height:7" Draw Length Range:13" - 30" Draw Weight:5-70 lbs. Speed:308 fps Kinetic Energy:74.7 ft. per lbs. Axle to Axle:31" Effective Let-Off:75% Mass Weight:3.1 lbs.Package includes: 3-pin sight Arrow rest Quiver Wrist sling Tube peep sight String loop

Hoyt Deluxe Protective Bow CaseHoyt Deluxe Protective Bow Case

Hoyt Deluxe Protective Bow Case. The Carrying Case for the Toughest bows on the planet! *Extra large internal storage compartments for clothing, gear, arrows, etc. *Reinforced loops for securing to ATV *Rugged model rubber outer perimeter and thick padding (1/2 inch) for serious protection *Lightweight, heavy duty construction *Shoulder Strap *42 inches long to fit most all of the new bows out there. Left pouch is 33cm long by 29cm wide or 13" x 11.5" with see-through mesh and double zipper closure on three sides Right pouch is 63cm long by 29cm wide or 25" x 11.5" with see-through mesh and double zipper closure on three sides Lid has a soft padded tray measuring 100cm long x 9cm wide x 7cm deep or 39.4" x 3.54" x 2.76" and has 2 velcro security straps

Hoyt Universal Bow SlingHoyt Universal Bow Sling

Hoyt Universal Bow Sling. The Bow Sling makes covering a lot of ground or the long walk back to camp a lot easier. Keep your hands free. Fits any bow. Camo. Black adjustable strap.

Hoyt Buffalo Recurve Bow 45# Wood FinishHoyt Buffalo Recurve Bow 45# Wood Finish

Whether on the big screen or under the big sky, Hoyt's Fred Eichler Signature Series Buffalo brings true custom quality, superb accuracy and all the hard-core features demanded by serious bowhunting traditionalists. Features like a full, dual radius shelf, 19-inch precision machined aluminum riser and Hoyt's exclusive Paralever Limb System for an incredibly smooth draw as well as weight and tiller adjustment. Each Buffalo is individually numbered and comes standard with a custom hand-made Flemish string, bow stringer, rug rest and calf hair side plate, all in a padded carrying case. Custom fitted Buffalo 2-piece quiver is also available. Buffalo is ready to roam where you are.

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